Nuvolak workshop ecipa

In the past month, almost everyone’s priorities have changed as well as our lives and the way we work.

Waiting to return to normal life, we decided to adapt to this period changing the theme of the April workshop. The workshop was actually scheduled for early March and was supposed to talk about the customer journey but, like many other events, it was postponed and became a webinar.

Thus, we have decided to change the theme and to meet the need of all those workers who have passed from meetings around a table to meetings in front of a screen, surrounded by names such as Meet, Zoom, Skype (etc etc…) without knowing how to open the software or start recording.

Yes, because if previously using video-conferences was a way to cut travel and time costs for employees, in 2020 it became a health reason and the world of video-conferences has grown enormously.

So, after the classic 5 minutes of “I’m here” and “Do you hear me?”, we showed what platforms are on the market, what features they have, what prices they have and how to use them in the best way.

Antonio Picerni, partner of 42bit, a software company specialized in small and medium-sized enterprises, helped us.

Once the price of the service has been analyzed, the second element to consider is the capacity to use (UI – user interface and UX – user experience): if the interface is difficult to use it will cause delays in starting the meeting and will create a feeling of frustration.

Same story for the participants: if they have problems with the audio adjustment or they find difficult to enter the video meeting, they will not have an incentive to participate.

Another important feature is the possibility of having many participants connected simultaneously: some platforms are free of charge up to a certain number of participants, others permits infinite participants but at a certain point there is a lack of the connection quality.

In the end, which are the best ones to adopt?

Zoho Cliq seems to be the favorite platform for many, closely followed by Zoom, Ryver and Skype!

Do you want a more complete list? Take a look at this link:

And you, which one do you love?