Artificial Intelligence is changing the business world, especially in the area of marketing. A machine that can reason, learn and even emphasize seems to be the best friend for a marketer!

Digital marketing is increasingly important when developing an effective strategy: the majority of the world’s population is connected online, it is crucial to know how to communicate and find the right touchpoint with them.

The article’s aim is to highlight the critical impact that AI can have on the overall marketing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) is a method for leveraging customer data and AI concepts to anticipate customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

In the digital world, AI is used to bridge the gap between analytics and how strategies are executed. With the evolution of big data, it is now possible to build a picture of the target audience that is clearer than ever.

AI marketing power is given by the use of big data, machine learning and other computational concepts to predict customers’ actions and understand their needs. These tools help digital marketers feed customers with the right content on the right channel at the right time.




  1. Take Sales Forecasting To The Next Level

AI Marketing can relate the data coming from current and future campaigns, analyze them and create accurate forecasts of the possible sales.


  1. Gain Deeper Understanding Of Consumers

AI solutions can tell you exactly what customers are thinking, saying and feeling about the brand in real-time, their need and expectations and how to efficiently create customer segments.  You can capture data during every single consumer interaction. Savvy marketers can harness this real-time data to adjust customer targeting and campaign strategy for maximum effectiveness.


  1. Optimize Digital Advertising Campaign

AI can tap into online data coming from different sources and give insights for more targeted and effective ads, resulting in a human level precision without human labor. Thanks to AI it is now possible to address your campaign exactly to the people who match the chosen criteria.


  1. Content Generation

To have an efficient social media campaign you need to produce original, valuable and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience. The content creation is a time-consuming activity that needs experts: nowadays there is a Content Generation machine based on learning algorithms that can go so far.


Statistics say companies that are not adapting promptly to the new technologies will face hard times. There is no better moments for marketers to begin testing how Artificial Intelligence strategies can help to create a highly personalized experience for their actual and potential customers. With AI expecting to constantly be growing, influencing all industries and organizational functions, marketers should dedicate time and resources to experiment and include AI in their overall strategy.