We can include the story of SoulRoboX® inside the best stories of innovative companies born in a garage.

The start-up located in the province of Vicenza was born 3 years ago in a garage and now is growing up very fast.

It was created by the passion of two young guys who were able to create a synergy with their competences and life experiences: video production, electronics and robotics.

SoulRoboX® started from robotics with the prototype of a shopper robot and it now serves two different markets: on the one hand companies or individuals to whom it offers video productions for communication objectives, on the other companies that want very characteristic fitting for fairs or other events.

Thanks to their experience in the two different fields, the founders created a very innovative product: OLOBOX™, a registered trademark, which is a holographic display that allows the projection of high definition images with 3D effect. This product represents a great step forward the success of the company: it is very innovative and useful for shops, fairs or other events.

In the field of video productions, competition is so fierce and ruthless, because new technologies have raised the average level reachable by anyone. SoulRoboX®, however, is differentiated by the experience and the type of organization that allows them to relate with the customer in a more professional manner. This allows them to be chosen directly by the customer. From the standpoint of exhibitions and fitting at the fairs, there are no direct competitors in Italy. The distinctive element of SoulRoboX® is the combination of complementary services and complementary competences.


The communication strategies adopted by the company are different depending on which product they want to promote: video production and prototypes are advertised through the website and their commercial activity, OLOBOX™ is communicated in the exhibitions and fairs since it is more effective to show companies how the product works exploiting the WOW effect. In this case, SoulRoboX® uses the product in order to increase its visibility and its market.

The channel of fair was fundamental for the founders because it ga

ve them the opportunity of finding people who believed in their projects and allowed them to grow not only in terms of new customers but, in particular, in terms of knowledge and financial support.


SoulRoboX® identifies itself for its simplicity and effectiveness, and for its capacity to create products that make sense and really work. These values are perceived not only in the products of the company but also in the behaviour of the founders.

The professionality, the diligence and the valuable simplicity are the keyword of the soul of SoulRoboX®!