Put the right people in the right places and create a market for things that certain people inside are keen on to do, this is the mission that Quantitas follows.

Extract “marketable” information from big data analysis, this is the business in which Quantitas operates.


The company, made by a team of data scientists, engineers, AI experts, acquires, processes and models the data, producing indications that can be immediately interpreted and exploited by the company management, even without being expert in the field of big data analysis. The core business of Quantitas is the creation of advanced and highly customized software reporting interfaces that can be used in commercial and marketing contexts.

The reference industry is rapidly evolving, nevertheless all the major software companies lack the creation of more customized interfaces, which have a better appeal and potential. Quantitas saw and quickly understood this potential. On the international level there are excellent opportunities for growth, because the market is already conscious of the potential of this kind of services and products. Quantitas has identified an increasing need to invest in commercial actions that will allow them to create international communication channels.


During its path the company has experience ups and downs: however, during all the period, trust in the fact that everyone would have given the maximum for the company has been a fundamental value able to help the team in holding on. Believe up to the impossible. The strong belief in the project they are carrying out became itself the soul of the Quantitas brand and the first commercial lever to be transmitted to customers.

Knowing Quantitas has been a strong lesson of courage, passion and love for the projects in which everyone of us believe. The company is growing but especially has great potential to grow. It’s like a small cat that is trying to become a big and strong feline.