An Italian niche induction hob designer, able to realize tailor-made and sartorial solutions!


In Italian the word “cottura” means thescienceand craft of preparing food for consumption by people in their own dwellings. Cooking is an art and a well-equipped kitchen is needed to realize culinary artwork. ITALIAN DESIGN can help through customised solutions that meet customers’ needs.

La CotturaITALIAN DESIGN was founded in May 2017 by a group of businessmen with the aim of manufacture high quality and design induction hobs fully Made in Italy with superior performances, durability and elegance.

Unfortunately, it could be hard for a start-up to gain market share in a mature market as the electrical household appliances industry is.

ITALIAN DESIGN solved this problem, looking for niche market in which big companies don’t have the incentive to make investments and in this way find out potential customers.

ITALIAN DESIGN is aware of any hint of innovation or trends and tries to develop new products anticipating market requests.

Be pure Italian is their value proposition. In fact many brand names sound Italian when most of their products come from China. The logo refers to the Italian spirit and style and it is very appreciated abroad because it is seen as synonym of beauty, design and quality.

Recently ITALIAN DESIGN launched the new induction hob with integrated cooker hood. It is easy, safe and effective with a lock of controls for children safety.


This evolved product has got an exclusive mechanism that it aims to lift the glass top completely for a simple cleaning of the entire hood from the food parts or liquids that may fall. As the other ITALIAN DESIGN products, also its last creation is simple to use and clean, pretty sight, not bulky, cheaper than the offer of competitors.


The company believes in the principle of simplicity. Theirs products are easy to understand, easy to plan, easy to install.

The brand was developed through the strength commercial relations that Carlo Cesca, one of the founders, managed to create. The feedback obtained from the sellers and distributors, who are the link between the company and the customer, is fundamental to understand if the market appreciates its product and to grow up in the future.