From Train The Trainers activity

The “Employer branding is a company’s ability to differentiate and promote the identity to a defined group of candidates that that they’re interested in hiring”. According to research by Boston Consulting Group, a strong Employer Branding can reduce the hiring costs by 50% and the turn-over rate by 28%.  But how to build a strong employer branding? Focusing on:

– Career site: the unique policies, programs, rewards and benefits that you offer candidate.

– Application experience: filling the online job applications should not take long time and should not ben complex to end up.

– Social media: that gives candidates a channel to interact directly with your brand and employees and provides a window into your organization.

– Content: that in the recruiting context can be any piece of information that a candidate can easily consume as whitepapers, blog posts, Infographics, Surveys, Videos, Website, Job description.

This is not enough, because to have a strong Employer Branding it is essential to have a high alignment between the Culture, the Identity and the Image of the considered company.

The identity of the company is reflected in its internal culture and in its external image. The identity is imprinted in the image of external stakeholders through their communication’s methods and the functional and symbolic attributes of the products. In the same way, the corporate image is reflected in the identity by modifying it. The identity is then reflected in the culture of the members of the organization through the organizational structure, systems and operating mechanisms. The culture, in turn, expresses itself in the identity by reinforcing it or not. The company must build the circle between culture, identity and image as virtuous as possible, to pursue strategic coherence mainly at the level of the business model and strategy.

Today what attract and retain employees are:

– Flexible work schedule: in order to maintain a balanced personal life and continue to successfully complete their work responsibilities’

– Wellness Programs: to improve employees health (reimbursable gym membership costs, on-site fitness facilities and events to promote healthy living and eating

-Child care: on-site services to employees ending in reducing the stress of working parents

– Product/service discount: so free or discounted on-site food and drink services such as lunch, snacks and coffee but also library and museums.

To conclude, Employer Branding is a marketing activity which, even if it is inspired by the improvement of the value of the brand as a workplace, tends to contribute to the improvement of the brand in general. The aim is to highlight the quality of your brand internally and externally (working on the culture, the image and the identity) as a workplace but not only. The target of the discipline, therefore, is made up of employees, potential employees, aspiring employees also of consumers.