“Companies come to me and tell me they had dramatic experiences with the University. I want to change this concept, the University has potential that can be exploited by business … it is necessary to create a dialogue between the two realities. This is Digital Views! “

The words of Professor Albarelli, the founder of Digital Views, clearly express the mission of his spinoff: transforming the academic potential given by the skills and methodologies developed by research into value and competitive factor for companies.

The gap between the academic and entrepreneurial world is a well-established trend that can only be filled with a mental disposition of the business-oriented researcher or professor.

Who can fill this gap?

Digital Views has managed to fit into this gap by combining the academic and research activities of its founders and members, professors and researchers, with direct and long-term experience in the business world. All these ingredients, combined together and enriched by a territory that needs of innovation, led to a unique recipe in the current economic context: the company, in fact, is not configured as a typical ICT consulting reality, but the academic support gives it a competitive advantage that, however, does not lead Digital Views to compete with the University or the other training entities but to establish itself as an unusual reality, unable to identify its competitors. This is what emerged from the interview with the founder of the spinoff, which in 2010, aware of the deficit in the university execution capacity and the low propensity to research and development of companies, in particular in the field of technology and ICT, decided to create a structure capable of developing technological solutions to meet the needs of its customers within the scientific campus of the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.

The company has, thus, provided its skills to the most diverse businesses, from industrial and automotive companies to large-scale distribution, developing new ICT methods and algorithms for problem solving. The spinoff offers services such as the creation of control systems, interfaces and diagnostics systems but also products ranging from 3D scanning to non-contact measurements up to tangible interfaces based on artificial vision that allow a more natural interaction and a visualization of the more dynamic content.

Digital Views communication strategy

The peculiarity of the company lies in its ability to be able to build its customer base without a direct search, but making itself known through conferences, challenges for startups or scientific articles. This company choice allows it to stand out from its “potential” competitors because it managed to make companies and its customers look for it and want its services without too much communication activity, while still achieving a very large customer base. The company, in fact, brings together the communication activity in the figure of its founder, Professor Albarelli, who personally takes care to raise awareness of the Digital Views brand. Moreover, the collaboration with the university is fundamental for the image and the value transmitted to the outside.

Its founder is aware that the communication strategy must be improved; for this reason, he is considering to transform the communication and the channels with which he arrives to the customer: actually, the way that they use to make himself known is the website that, however, it does not accurately reflect the company’s image and values.

As reflected in its logo, a geometric pattern that varies in color and size, Digital Views also reflects a variable, ever-changing and dynamic reality, ready to expand and offer its customers always new and innovative products and services, but supported by a strong value: making academic research something useful and capable of innovating the business world.