The enterprises network was established in February 2015 by more than 50 real estate agents (number remained substantially unchanged), for the most part resident in the province of Trieste. is still one of the first networks established between operators in this sector and one of the networks between real estate operators more numerous at national level.  Its mission lies in creating an aggregate offer of real estates (the offer of services rendered by each of the agents “partners”, placing themselves towards the potential buyer as a as a unitary interlocutor).  The Network is both a “one stop shop” and a “community” of professionals and professional services, consolidated in the number and quality of services, rendered by professionals for whom correctness and deontology are indispensable values. As a unique partner, the Network has helped to increase sales and real estate performance on the local market, activating its offer to and from neighbouring Countries such as Austria and Slovenia.

The peculiarity of the network is to make each agent a single contact person for all 50 networks. Its strength point is to be a reality in which an overall offer of 50 agents (all independent) can be reached by speaking with every single agency belonging to the network. Each single agent actually has 50 affiliate agencies! This means: reduction of research and sales time, improvement of the quality of service, especially for the evaluation of properties thanks also to the use of exclusive rights on each of them.

The network has a website that effectively conveys the characteristics of the brand of the network, communicating the strategy, characteristics and values that are the basis of the service offered. A Facebook profile has also been activated which makes use of tools such as post and videos, in view of enriching communication. We must not forget a sort of word-of-mouth somehow “institutionalized”: since the client who applies one of the agencies of the network can benefit from the services of all of them, each of the associates is a “tool” granting the dissemination of the services, acting as a “testimonial” of the Network. Thanks to external professionals, new technologies have also been used, in particular virtual reality to achieve a more involving presentation of real estates.

Shared technical capacity, ethics and collaboration: these are the resources that the network makes available for the benefit of the users. This common heritage of business opportunities and professional resources make the network unique in the real estate sector, in terms of scope, completeness of services and competitiveness.