Marco Arrigoni and Stefano Bonezzi started their activity moving from a private association, focused on their home town  “You are from Monfalcone if…”.  In this framework, they dealt with specific activity dedicated to local territory and community. Afterwards Marco and Stefano decided to join their experiences (the former as entrepreneur and the latter as a designer) and in 2017 established Mast ICC. Activity actually focuses on event organization, advertising, publishing. A new brand, DeGusto FVG, is being developed inside a project financed by EDRF, whose content is the development of a web based platform to promote top food productions and producers in Friuli Venezia Giulia, also as tourist destinations.

Though their activity is similar to competitors such as agencies, professionals and companies dealing with the same services, Mast ICC diversifies from other providers since they rely on brand elements, such as sustainability and care for local territory and communities. Vision is strongly focused on ethics and sustainability values, which are also key personal motivations. They also led to choose the legal form of benefit company (i.e. SB: società benefit). They “naturally” cared for all these elements, putting enthusiasm and diversifying themselves from an “ordinary” enterprise, mainly focused on profits.

The liens with the territory inspired also visual brand elements, recalling the strong relationship of their city, Monfalcone, with the sea and blue economy. MAST is not only a combination of the first letters of their names (Marco and Stefano), but also means “mast” (both meanings of aerial, as an old communication tool, but also ship’s mast, i.e. the element allowing a good sailing). The flag in the logo is also a navigation element and its blue colours recall the sea.

“Creativity at the service of our territory” has been their first slogan and it somehow resumes their mission. Their activity aims to spread positive cultural elements and to reduce negative effects on territorial communities, local environment, cultural heritage and social activities.  The strong internal care for brand values is furthermore combined with sharing the core principles of their activity with the customers (directly and also with a special section of their website), raising their awareness on its social impact.