FIDEMA GROUP is not an enterprise, but a brand name. It was created to give a stronger identity to the two companies Fidema Progetti srl and MEG Industry srl. Within the two companies were formed specific departments, dealing with different and peculiar activities.  Yet they practically work in synergy: hence the pay-off “Synergy of skills”, that indicates a single identity made up of many characters, working side by side for a common result. This aspect of the brand does not therefore only indicate the way the group operates, but effectively summarizes its mission. Regarding its vision, Fidema moves a little away from a relationship Supplier – Customer. It approaches the idea of mutual exchange of values. The key values for Fidema: high basic preparation, flexibility and adaptation, continuous training, trust, reliability and continuity in relationships.

The activity of Fidema Group arises from the passion for engineering, in the beginning mainly regarding the naval sector, which afterwards extended to the most diverse ones. If the main sector remains the naval and nautical one, the various internal skills allow to offer also services and products in industrial and civil fields. Their engineering services and the realization of projects / products. This applies mainly, but not only, to the shipbuilding, civil and industrial sectors. The market target is mainly national, reflecting a market reality now established.

The high focus on optimizing internal skills as a key element of the brand made Fidema group implement a sound job on internal evaluation and sharing of the brand itself. The Group has often relied on ideas from its employees, which are seen as a source of inspiration for management. Fidema Group is proud of it and this aspect is appreciated and shared by the collaborators, who then transmit to the outside the pride of lending their work to Fidema Group. An intense job made on corporate image and on its elements, which are carefully communicated to customers and other stakeholders, allows the collection of feedbacks concerning the key aspects of the brand. They are also carefully evaluated with the customers, in view of defining how the brand is perceived.    

FIDEMA uses most of the available channels, such as trade fair, a website (constantly updated), social media (especially Linkedin). Fidema aims very much at a multichannel communication towards the outside, which proves to be efficient in reaching their potential customers. Major customers are reached thanks to trade fairs. The most cost-effective channel is the website and its derivations (especially Linkedin). A constant relationship is mostly established via marketing mail, which is usually the channel that potential customers receive best.