Of course, a couple of years ago lot of us had been earing about a mobile app enabling users to avoid queue’s waiting times; how awesome would it be to wait your turn at the university office while being comfortably sit at the bar chatting, just waiting for a text message informing you that in a couple of minutes it will be your turn?

Well this is not fiction thanks to Uqido, the first Italian Hi-tech star-up that, back in 2010, patented such algorithm. Of course, in nearly ten years things have changed and Uqido now can be considered as a tough company, moving its steps into the north-east of Italy. The path has been rich of rearrangements and evolutions up to the point that now Uqido is known as a software house, that according to one of the cofounders, Dr. Pier Mattia Avesani, is facing weak competition in its industry. This has been made possible thanks to the high level of skills and competencies that were and are leveraged by the founders: Dr. Pier Mattia Avesani and Dr. Alberto Silletti; in the years they have been working to create a strong internal culture that unites employees making them free to be themselves in every situation.


What differentiates the company by other software houses is their good taste for graphics and their ability to simplify complex things; they are emerging because of their strong desire to meet humans needs, to develop human-centric solutions while maintaining as staple high-tech engineering.

If you want to furtherly explore Uqido’s environment and deepen your technological knowledge, you can take part to the weekly events that are organized in Padua, in their headquarters: they always represent an opportunity to visit their offices and to get in touch with incredible people.