“The heart is a wealth that is not sold and is not bought, it is donated” wrote Gustave Flaubert.

TreCuori (in English “Three hearts”) is a unique platform that joins the hearts of three kinds of actors – people, businesses and third sector – in order to create shared value to the community.

Cool, isn’t it?

The platform is useful to businesses because it effectively promotes goods and services, simplifies employee benefits and reduces the tax wedge. TreCuori is the perfect partner for companies with a strong connection with the territory and interested in Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

It is useful to the third sector (any kind of non-profits, such as charities, sport groups, schools and many others) because promotes its services and allows obtaining money.

It is useful to Public Administration that has the task of developing and managing local welfare programmes.

It is useful to people because they have the opportunity to support their favourite non-profit organisations, benefit from employee benefits and increase their purchasing power.

TreCuori is a benefit firm,a new socially oriented company form, which Italy has introduced into its legal system in 2015. The project was started in 2015 and the company set up in 2017 by a group of people from various backgrounds (third sector, businesses, people), driven by the firm belief that new digital technologies allow new and better ways of collaboration among businesses, non-profit world and citizens. Its purpose is to promote the economic and social development of the area in which it operates, looking at the social impact by each activity overall generated within the logic of shared value and circular economy.

TreCuori is a tool that can be used in three different interdependent contexts: social marketing, employee benefits and public well-being.

Social marketing is based on the fact that people are happy if their purchases have a positive and beneficial impact on the territory. TreCuori permits to create a virtuous cycle: companies promotes their products and services; associations receive money and people help their favourite non-profit.

On the other hand, TreCuori allows companies to provide employee benefits and be advantaged of tax incentives. Employee benefits help to reach further targets, as business climate’s improvement, attractiveness to new talent and loyalty of workers.

The public well-being allows the Public Administration to provide financial contributions to citizens and lower income citizens and families.

Power to the customers!

How does the platform work?

The stores involved in the project decide the value of the contribution and the limit beyond which they freely grant it. When the buyers in these shops exceed the spending limit, they obtain a code. Through the web site or application, they can donate this amount of money to their favourite non-profit organisation. Schools and non-profit, without extra costs, receive a contribution from a potentially unlimited number of supporters and they can offer a better service to the society. Enterprises and shops sustain a variable cost depending on result actually achieved.

Thanks to TreCuori, companies can promote their activity, attract and loyalize customers, have free advertising. Through a great social message, TreCuori obtains a positive effect on the local area and the involvement of the buyers.


And here is an example of the power of this project! InFossalta di Piave, a little town in the province of Venice with 5.000 citizens, a point of sale that joining the project decided a contribution of 1 euro each 25 euros of grocery shopping. Then it welcomed 72 TreCuori customers, sold products for a total of 121.225 euros and generated a contribution of 3.879 euros. This money helped 13 local non-profit chosen by the customers of the supermarket. In this way they created together an ecosystem of cooperation and collective growth.

TreCuori is an open system. If a person decides to buy something in a store involved in the project of a different city or region, he can support the favourite organization of his town in any case.

TreCuori is also a virtuous system. Each one, pursuing his direct interest, can produce shared value for the community. People are happy because they promote their favourite organisation; salesmen are happy because sales increase; non-profits are happy because they obtain money and can continue their activity

A small change in your life can make a big difference for the community. So, throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it!