It’s in Bolzano Vicentino (VI), that in 2016, Tekneidos was born as an Innovative Start Up.

Territory, ethics, sharing and fairness: these are the core values driving the company, which is focused on Research and Development, particularly in the field of electropumps. However, the potential applications of their Know-How are many more.

The company stands out in developing technological innovation through the research and design of new solutions, which guarantee technological and energy efficiency. But not only. In fact, they apply an industrial innovation, not limited to consulting projects outside the client company, but also taking care of the entire technology transfer phase. In particular, Tekneidos deals with the insertion of new technology in the customer company, also providing human resources support. This helps them to manage the introduction of innovation at an organizational level, contributing to the reduction of the complexities determined by the introduction of a change in the traditional processes of the client company. In this way, it also contributes to the improvement and development of the entire industrial system of the territory. This is in fact the vision of Tekneidos: carry out technological transfer activities for the client and indirectly innovate and promote the development of the local industrial system of SMEs.

At the moment Tekneidos is facing two main challenges:

First, the cost reduction due to the global competition and energy efficiency measures imposed both by the innovative environment and by increasing policies.

Second, the possibility to exploit the Know-How of their engineers to apply their solutions in different fields. The projection for the company in 5 years is, with almost the same number of employees, to enlarge the ecosystem of local enterprises, creating and developing a network of companies creating synergies among each other’s.