One of the most popular trends in recent months is the podcast: digital audio files distributed through the Internet and usable on a computer or MP3 player. The term comes from a free fusion of iPod (Apple’s audio listening tool) and broadcasting (broadcasting).  This tool was born in the United States and has grown very quickly, arriving only last year in Italy. The worldwide podcast industry has reached 800,000 podcasts for 62 million listeners per week. 

Its success is based on the characteristic of “slow listening” that distinguishes it; in fact, the podcast can be listened to several times and at a distance and above all wherever you want, without being forced to participate in a “live”. The platform that has determined the success of podcasting is Spotify which, through acquisitions and investments, has become the main supplier of audio, not only musical. 

Even the biggest brands have adopted this new tool and have taken the path of branded podcasting, a communication channel through which to make themselves known and talk about themselves with a lighter communication and not the classic commercial, but with the creation of an audio content that manages to attract users. This tool allows to increase brand awareness through quality and through a less advertising but storytelling approach that is able to convey feelings, emotions and values arriving more effectively to the listener and the customer. The voice of podcasts is able to create an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer, increasing loyalty. Unlike images, videos and colours, sound is able to fix emotions and enable an advertising communication transmitting artistic value and a beauty that through other channels is very rare. 

The statistics on podcasts are very positive, in fact, in the United States alone the number of users has almost doubled in ten years and in 2018 48 million people listened to at least one podcast every week. The most common habit of users is to listen to podcasts during physical activity and to do personal errands, so it is a multitasking pastime that allows you to reach the consumer at any time. 

From the recent analysis made on Voxnest’s Audience Network about Italy, the most listened to topics are related to Business. In second place, we find the category Society and Culture, which includes a wide range of contents. Immediately after, we find News, Leisure Time and finally Football. It is interesting to note that the preferred time slot for listening to podcasts is early in the morning and towards the end of work, therefore linked to the time spent travelling to and from work. 

The podcast tool represents a great opportunity for brands, from the smallest to the largest, to make themselves known in the depths of their roots and values.