Power Up! Croatia: From Smart Meters to Smart Travelling – And Babies!

A smart meter that monitors microgeneration as well as energy consumption, while remotely switching off the devices that are not being used. A module combining IoT, AI, and machine learning. An application for easier, more cost-effective travelling, an ultimately “energy smart” bike, and ‘WePark’ instead of ‘WeWork’. Are there any brave souls left using environmentally friendly mobility solutions? They may still be ‘on the way’, said one of the seven startups pitching their ideas on 7 May in Zagreb at the Power Up! Croatia country final, as part of a competition organised by Europe’s largest energy accelerator InnoEnergy. – The Slovenia country final will be organised at the Ljubljana Castle on 28 May by ABC Accelerator, InnoEnergy’s local partner in Slovenia.

As the main advantage over its competitors, the Enny smart meter offers a comprehensive solution simultaneously monitoring energy generation and consumption with the option to switch off devices, explained Stipo Kasalo of the eponymous company, set up just two months ago. Enny is seeking a EUR 100,000 investment for further development of its service.

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning are combined in the startup MVT-Solutions (where MVT stands for ‘Mobile Vehicle Technology’), whose main advantage is the ability to ensure energy savings for small as well as large enterprises, said Ivan Golubić. This two-year-old company needs a EUR 300,000 investment to cover the cost of future development and improvements of the module “to further its advantage over other devices in the market”, added Golubić.

When figuring out the arrival time of the next bus, train or ferry, one can use Vollo, an app displaying not just timetables, but also prices, combining all transport modes to optimise the travelling experience, said Marko Jukić in his presentation of Vollo.


The grand prix winner of the Croatian country final, which gets to compete in the Grand Final in Prague in mid-June, is MVT Solutions. Taking second place – and with it a chance to participate in InnoEnergy’s The Business Booster in Copenhagen – was Visiobike with its VisioBattery. Finishing third in Power Up! Croatia was WePark, which now has the opportunity to pitch its idea at the 2019 Voogle conference in Varaždin, Croatia.

Another solution to address the transportation challenge, especially in terms of cutting emissions from transport, is provided by Visiobike, a startup developing solar-powered electric bikes that use advanced BMS technology, explained Marko Matenda. The company is seeking a EUR 0.5 million investment to increase its production of advanced electric bikes.

If you still “insist” on having your own car, you can – at least in cities like Zagreb (or Ljubljana, Author’s Note) – use WePark, “the Airbnb of parking” as Karlo Starčević said in his presentation of this app. Starting next year, the app will rely on the same pricing method as Uber.

Meanwhile, TransferHero works just like Uber, said Juraj Žlof, listing among its advantages cost-competitiveness for passengers, satisfaction of the drives, who can use the opportunity to make some money, and benefits for airports, which can integrate the service to better serve their passengers. But unlike Uber, TransferHero highlights its environmentally-friendly approach as car-sharing can help reduce emissions from transport. In addition, according to Žlof, drivers can earn more than with the U.S. giant.

“Do you know how to conceive? This is but no means an easy question nowadays, when the daily reality can prove a harsh environment for pregnancy, especially as one needs to get their timing right with ovulation and, more importantly, because mums are getting older.” A solution to this comes as an app developed by Me.mum (not an energy-related startup). The company is seeking a EUR 0.5 million investment and hopes to have it repaid in two years’ time by selling its products at a price ranging from EUR 89 and 99, explained entrepreneur and mum Maja Bujas.

Organised by ABC Accelerator, the Slovenian Power Up! country final will be held at the Ljubljana Castle on Monday, 28 May. The event starts at 4 pm and is free for all participants, but registration is required – see more information HERE.