Mons Hotel in Ljubljana hosted the Next Round Investment Conference on November 12, 2019. The best foreign and domestic private investors met with the best Slovenian startups that need the next round of capital for their development – hence the name of the conference.

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS), the most important investor in startups in the initial stages in Slovenia, wants to help companies as much as possible in obtaining these next investments. That is why the fund invests in the development of products and services, lends money for either launching them on the market, or for launching sales and expanding business. It is also in the interest of the Fund that its portfolio companies reach private investors as soon as possible. With the help of ABC Accelerator, Ljubljana Technology Park, Ljubljana University Incubator and Business Angels of Slovenia, they organized the Next Round investment conference, where companies gained knowledge about the conditions for obtaining investments.

Would it be better if Slovenia spent a billion on entrepreneurs instead of building second railway track?” Ales Cantarutti, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, addressed the gathered crowd. The answer to this question is left to reader to decide, but the fact is that the conference brought to Slovenia more than 60 investors who are – at least theoretically – capable of doing so.

In addition, there were more than 35 speakers presented in different 8 panels, including Christopher Coomes, Google Robotics Expert, Peter Globokar, longtime investment banker and technology investor, and Pekko Mäki of 3TS Capital Partners, one of Europe’s leading VC companies investing in technology, and many others.

Investors with a combined power of more than EUR 1 billion of capital for investments in start-up companies, attended the conference. Among them were also some who have already invested in Slovenian companies and know that we have good companies, and can hence hope for the next “unicorn”. The conferences were attended by all major scandals e.g. SpeedInvest, Fil Rouge Capital, Credo, AlpVent, Launchub, 3TS, Capital300 et al.

The main focus of the conference was on meetings and connections between investors and start-ups. To this end, the organizers created a catalog of 41 of the best Slovenian startups. Additionally, DealRoom platform made it possible for startups to connect with investors directly, and vice versa. As a result of the conference, more than 300 1-on-1 meetings were held. The organizers hope that among the direct results of the conference – in addition to getting to familiarize investors with the Slovenian start-up ecosystem – there will be 4-5 direct investments in Slovenian start-ups.