Professional ethics?
Even for the artisan company we start from the ingredients …
It is therefore essential, as in a recipe, to be able to tell emotions, knowledge and flavors of the territory.
The objective of the meeting was to learn to speak, reason and interact with food, because often during a lunch or dinner, important projects and orders can be concluded for your company.

This is the starting point of our INNOtalk, a chat with Nadia Afrogola who, through the story of her professional experience, was able to give us little advices on how to entertain the relationship with the client.

Nadia has a communication agency, is a copywriter, content creator and freelance journalist for entrepreneurial projects, magazines and online publications, including: Cosmopolitan, Wu Magazine, Business Class, BARtù Magazine, Food and Travel Italy, Food Group, Italian Gourmet, 1820 Magazine, Turin Coffee – International Coffee Fair, Playboy Enterprises.

He also deals with Digital PR and social media management for the Horeca world, telling of food, wine and much more.

According to Nadia “you are the effect you do” and it is essential to know how to communicate at best.

His three biggest tips were:
– focus on everyone’s strengths and develop them: it is useless to be generalists and waste one’s energies on fields that do not interest us or that we do not feel ours, we cannot be good at everything!
– true stories have more strength: even if a story does not “work”, it is not traditional or generally accepted it is important to be true
– patience: the investments made on communication give their fruits after about 3 years of constant work so … don’t give up!