On 25 July 2019, at the fourth workshop organized by Ecipa as part of the Interreg Italia Slovenia Nuvolak 2 project, we hosted Marco Dussin, engineer and consultant in Agile Management!

Marco surprised us by telling us (but above all teaching us) how to act and think about AGILE!

Agile is not only a working method but a process and a way of thinking that gives importance to:

  • Individuals and interactions rather than processes and tools
  • The working software more than exhaustive documentation
  • Collaboration with the client rather than contract negotiation
  • Respond to change rather than follow a plan

The main objectives to be achieved are to have and work in healthy organizations, to focus on value, to create good partnerships and try try try (Empiricity)!

Organizing the work team is also fundamental: according to Marco, the work should be carried out in small, autonomous, cross-functional teams capable of working in small cycles on relatively small tasks.

Teams should also continuously collect feedback from the customer or end user.

This, and much more, is the agile management!