Last week, we were at Podim- the largest start-up conference in the CEE region, where innovative companies and capital meet. Over 170 startups participated in the conference, and had the opportunity to meet with almost 100 investors. Due to the circumstances, the conference was happening completely online for the first time. The organizers responded appropriately to the situation and took advantage of their creative streak and tried to bring the event as close as possible to the real live meeting. Registered people were able to schedule who they would like to meet via video call, a few days before the event. There were 20 minutes available for the mentioned meeting, where the startups tried to make the best impression on the investor. Preparation, including the obligatory check pg the microphone, speakers, camera and light in the room was very important. If the startup did not prepare in advance, the whole situation was uncomfortable. It was essential for the investor to decide whether he wanted to meet with this startup again.

Parallel to the meetings, the Founders Academy and a presentation / pitching took place on six different virtual stages on the first day. ABC Accelerator presented 13 startups on its virtual stage and sent the Chess Universe startup to the semifinals. 

On the second day, the participants at the round tables listened to how modern technologies are changing industries as we know them. At the same time they had the opportunity to see the semifinals of presentations / pitching startups. One of the members of the jury was also the director of ABC Accelerator, Grega Potokar.

On the last day of the conference, round tables and various workshops were held where startups could attend the Growth Academy in virtual classrooms and how to get an investment (Getting Funded). The last event of the whole conference was the finale of the presentation / pitching of startups. Among the finalists, the Croatian startup Farseer was the best, solving the problem for all companies that deal with a large number of numbers. Their application makes it easier to allocate funds and easily predict the future operations of the company.

The ABC Accelerator team held a total of over 150 meetings, where mostly everything went smoothly. We also spoke with startup Farseer, that won the Podim DX Pitching Competition. Both at the competition and at the meeting, they presented perfectly what they are doing and how they managed to reduce costs for their clients by up to 50% with the first 6 pilot projects, which proves that a virtual pitch or meeting is just a form, but it is the content that counts.

We have already agreed with some startups for another virtual meeting, where we will discuss the possibilities of cooperation in more detail. Despite the fact that participating in such an event was probably a challenge for both the organizers and the participants, it once again showed how important it is to be agile at the moment when it is needed.