GreenDecision was born as a spin-off of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice thanks to the entrepreneurial capabilities of a group of researchers who decided it was their moment to approach the market.

The company is constantly engaged in filling the existing gap between university’s research centres and the private sector; it is in fact not rare that finding from laboratories and research centres needs refinements before being able to reach market needs. Furthermore, it is also the case that innovations are not understood by market players because of their complexity or detachment from practical applications. These were the premises on which the spin-off was created; everything has grown and evolved since then in the final desire to implement a fluid and fast system that actively manages interactions between GreenDecision and its clients.


GreenDecision’s mission is to transfer the knowledge and experience generated from over a decade of research to the private sector and European Research & Innovation consortia. Company’s main activities involve the application of decision analytical methodologies, the development and testing of software tools to support complex decision making, and the integration of data and experimental/modelling tools with stakeholder perspectives and needs in the environmental, health and safety areas; in so doing GreenDecision is able to facilitate stakeholders across industries and regulatory agencies in taking informed decisions (based on sustainability principles) and in performing cost-effective risk assessments.

GreenDecision can be defined as an ambitious entity and for this reason they are very aware of the type of clients they want to reach in the near future; they would be constituted by big structured companies that develop innovative products and that want to test their environmental impacts and assess their sustainability.

For big enterprises it would be the right opportunity to ask for GreenDecision’s services in order to improve the sustainability of their processes, products and services (PPS) as well as assess the risks posed to human health and the environments by their PPSsand to certify the sustainability of their innovations.

GreenDecision is particularly active and focussed on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials that furthermore represents their favourite field of operations; this element underlines even more the positioning of the spin-off that is on the cutting edge of what is increasingly required in terms of innovations.