Today we introduce you GPM Automation: a company that produces customized automatic machines for the glass production.

The company was founded in 2017 by Alessandro Grando and his partner. GPM Automation develops the know-how for producing robotic automatic machines for processing the glass. Nowadays the automation sector is extremely weak in Italy but also worldwide, there are few competitors, but as the sector is slowing developing there is room for everyone in the market.

Both Mr. Grando and his partner had a previous experience in a multinational enterprise of the same sector; for this reason the value the know-how as the most important thing of their company. In other words they are working well in this sector thanks to the know-how of their employees which are 10 today.

The aim of the company is to obtain highly efficient machines that will help the customer to reduce its cost of the staff. GPM Automation is a B2B company, and works with B2B customers, who are both national and international.

GPM Automation means not only efficiency but also security: it’s the most important value for the company and it is evident from its machines.

GPM Automation works in a market in which is very thought to do communication. So communication is done mostly directly and through the word of mouth; but also the company uses website, LinkedIn and other professional website of the sector.

Customization, safety and efficiency are the keywords that identify GPM Automation!