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Gabriela Buzoianu, Eurosender, on SEO: Keywords Are Key!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can bring us considerable earnings, but it must also be well-executed and well-managed, stressed Gabriela Buzoianu, Head of SEO at the start-up Eurosender, at the March edition of the Innotalks event, organized by Slovenia’s ABC Accelerator in Ljubljana. With her post, the SEO segment had been moved from an external agency to an in-house team, whereas the company is also open to welcoming new colleagues, from content writers to SEO specialists, “or, even better, persons who can offer different skills in one place”.


However, there is no one person who possesses the knowledge or skills to solve every single kind of challenge, so it is important that the team is diverse and that its members can rely on each other for answers to the questions which they cannot answer on their own. Eurosender is now setting up a PR and SEO team, in which they wish to see both specialists and newcomers, as the former are more experienced and consequently more confident, whereas the latter’s strength lies mostly in their drive. However, they all need to posses good writing skills – especially because of the SEO – and need to be able to select the keywords. It is also key that those working on the content part are closely connected to those working in IT, that is, the technical side.”




You can have a perfect website, but if the SEO is not adequate, this unfortunately counts for nothing, said Gabriela Buzoianu. This means that it is very important – at least for Eurosender – that the people who work on the website and its optimization are very well acquainted with the nature of the work and the industry within which they operate. This was also one of the reasons for Eurosender’s transfer of the SEO segment from an external agency to an in-house team, which it is now strengthening further.

Why a content writer must also be a SEO specialist


“SEO functions very well if it is combined with other web links, which means it must be adequately interlaced with the PR field. In B2B (Business to Business), it is also important to be aware of the different terminology and different keywords as in B2C (Business to Consumer),” said Gabriela Buzoianu at the March edition of Innotalks, adding that B2B is much more demanding.

She further warned that one should always make sure that the SEO is reaching “the right traffic”: “For instance, your potential clients may be in Poland, whereas the visitors you are getting are from the U.S., which means that your SEO is not adequate.” It is important to use terminology which is tailored to the target market. The Brazilian and the Portuguese dictionary, for example, can differ, whereas “for us, there is a big difference between attracting Portuguese or Brazilian visitors to the website”.

“Every market demands its own keywords. Initially, Eurosender had a specific domain for each market and only later moved on to a single domain,” The company does not always translate the content into all the target market languages, however, when it does, it at least makes sure to adapt the keywords.

Currently, Eurosender is focusing on the optimization on mobile devices, as they are the sources of most of their visits lately. It is also looking to expand the team, which it aims to make even more diverse, also in terms of proficiency in different languages.


Useful tips from SEO specialist Gabriela Buzoianu:


  • First, check your analytics and find out where the visitors come from.
  • Second, check your competition and what it is doing, then do it better.
  • Third, have a broader vision: Even if you are currently focusing on a specific market, think about the markets which you may be targeting tomorrow.
  • Take time to read the right literature, such as “The Art of SEO”.
  • When you wish to promote a certain product or service, focus the content on the wider field of your business.
  • Do not invest your time in something that will most likely turn out to be a waste of resources.
  • And do not forget: Every market demands its own keywords.

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