Brands and their development were identified as one of the key success factors of startup companies. Their systematic development within startups and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is one of the cornerstones of the Nuvolak2 project. In pursuit of the importance of a systematic approach to marketing and brand development, which is one of the fundamental problems of SMEs, we have developed and upgraded a number of tools and contents that help our target groups to overcome them.

After a systematic review of the literature and tools for brand development, available through the Knowledge Base on the platform (, we have taken as the basis for brand development the Startup Branding Funnel approach (

We upgraded the selected approach and offered a range of materials that can guide existing and potential entrepreneurs through key steps in brand development and marketing of their products and services, including a new dynamic form that guides entrepreneurs step by step through the design, development and implementation of their brands. We have named the upgraded approach DYNAMIC BRAND DEVELOPMENT and  is available with free support at The tool is accessed through the first page, and it requires a free registration.

For the optimum user experience, we also pilot-tested the approach and tool on 10 startups from Slovenia and Italy. Many entrepreneurs shaked their hand, saying, ” this is a waste of time” and “that they do not need the brand because they already have a nice logo”, but statistics say that these are the mistakes of those 70-80% of companies that do not survive the first 5 years of business. Those entrepreneurs, who devote sufficient time to this and systematically go throught their preparation, praise the approach and see great added value in it. There is also a say that reflets this, “Garbage in, garbage out”.

The DYNAMIC TRADEMARK DEVELOPMENT Tool is comprised of 11 building blocks, and the program guides you step by step through the preparation of an appropriate strategy through various steps with questions, video tips and examples. The final result is a transparent canvas, a format that can be modified and upgraded with changes and appropriate testing.