The coronavirus emergency is having an impact on everyones life around the world. Adaptation to the new situation is manifested by a continuous change in consumer needs and behavior. This means new challenges for marketing professionals.

To understand these changes, a research through Google Trends insights has revealed the new trends involving consumer habits. We can summarize these new trends in three macro areas:

-Immediate needs

-New daily life

-Behavioral trends

On a general basis, we can notice that many consumers are adapting to the new lifestyle and find different ways of enjoying home spaces. They buy new appliances, dedicate themselves to the cultivation of aromatic plants and enjoy online content for entertainment and inspiration.

Consumers are adapting to the new situation and consequently long-term needs are becoming more important. In the last week in Google Trends searches, there has been an increase in interest in online payment options and employment benefits, but also an increased use of mobile devices, on which consumers spend more time.

Online banking, financial apps and loans

As consumers adapt to spending more time at home, Google Trends shows that there is an increase in research interest in how to make the most of the space. People are dedicated to reinventing and rearranging the home environment, find ways to exercise and relax in the same space and plan to buy new appliances to indulge in some luxury.

Rethink about spaces, New ways for training inside, buy new home appliances

Online shopping has, as expected, seen an increase in search interest, but thats not all: people are also looking for good deals while surfing the Internet. Sustainability and home cultivation are also seeing an increase in searches, as well as the use of online content on YouTube. 

Looking for good deals, new sustainable ways to get food, inspiration from YouTube