Alpenite was founded in Austria in 2010 by Giulio Marcon, Marco Dalla Libera and Gianluigi Alberici. In just one year it arrived in Italy; since then, this system integrator company never stopped its growing.

It is now part of a group, composed by Alpenite itself, ccelera, and Concrete, and it often works in collaboration with the creative agency Vulcano. Thanks to this original mix of expertise and approaches, Alpenite can actively support those enterprises that face the digital transformation. This company doesn’t simply customise software, but it works in close contact with its clients to determine a precise strategic and organisational line.


The ability in complexity management, joined with the speed and the freshness typical of a creative agency: that’s what makes Alpenite different from its competitors. There are two critical elements for its growth: constant research calling and internationalisation.

This company is proud to have offices and collaborations in the whole Europe, in the United States and in Asia. It always controls the latest news of its field, and this scouting is often successful: Alpenite’s reputation is so grounded that it makes the company a real trendsetter.

The company is active on social medias, but its main networking tool is the attendance to as many events as possible (organised by both Alpenite itself and its partners), especially to webinars. In fact, this particular event form can satisfy both the need of constant update, and of communication.


If you’re looking for leading-edge digital solution, and perfectly tailored on your needs, Alpenite is the right answer!