EASIP COMP project aims at reinforcing the entrepreneurship competence among university students through workplace learning, in line with the European strategy.

What we are working now

The first challenge of the project is the implementation of the intellectual output n.1. online entrepreneurship course and digital character. A set of tools, games and activities to make lessons more experiential. In this moment we are working on the first part of the intellectual output: a long process of research and analysis about entrepreneurship competences among university students.

 It will conclude with a report presenting the level of mastery of the 15 entrepreneurship competences identified by EntreComp among university students. The report will cover the entire process proposed by EntreComp (15 competences divided into three macro-areas: ideas and opportunities; resources; into action).

What we have done so far

Kick-off meeting on November 2019 in Volda

On 19 and 20 November 2019 the kick-off meeting took place in Volda (Norway). The lead partner Volda University College hosted the meeting. Partners introduced themselves and the project’s work started officially according to the planned agenda: main presentation of the project, intellectual outputs to implement, tasks and roles of partners, project management, impacts and dissemination, planning of next steps. Two-days kick-off meeting was a priceless opportunity to get to know each other better, reinforce the partnership and the willingness to successfully implement the project, and clarify any potential doubt.

Students self-assessment of 15 EntreComp entrepreneurship competences

On these first months we have been working on students self-assessment of 15 EntreComp entrepreneurship competences. We provided a questionnaire of 30 questions about the 15 entrepreneurial competences according to Entrecomp framework (2 questions for each competences).
We processed all data by making an analysis of distribution of answers in all 4 countries and a correlation analysis. In a general, students feel quite comfortable with all competences but of course there is room for improvement in all three areas. Preliminary study and correlation analysis already showed the importance of vision, motivation and self-awareness when looking for strong entrepreneurial personality. After the initial self-assessment questionnaire, we plan now the next phase – preparation of the tasks for 3 macro areas and conduct assessments in order to receive valuable insights in particular competences.

Results of assessment and self-assessment will be of decisive importance for the second part of intellectual output. All these results will be valuable in setting up work-programs and practical sessions of the online course, by giving quite clear indications on:

– Students’ competences that are highly developed
– Competences that need to be improved
– Which of the three macro areas is the most challenging for students

More information on: https://easipcomp.eu/