EASIP COMP project aims at reinforcing the entrepreneurship competence among university students through workplace learning, in line with the European strategy.


E.A.S.I.P. COMP puts a special emphasis on further strengthening entrepreneurship as one of the key competencies in higher education curricula and provides more effective work-based opportunities to acquire entrepreneurship competency among university students.
The guiding principle of the project is to provide evidence based experiential teaching models to ensure long-term sustainable cooperation between universities and local business organisations. It do that by implementing an experiential workplace-based model of teaching entrepreneurship in higher education in order to facilitate more frequent and quality cooperation between higher education institutions and local business organizations


  • Introduce a new practical entrepreneurship model by working on real life cases in business and industry
  • Deliver new entrepreneurship training materials for teachers and students to support work-based learning about entrepreneurship
  • Equip university teachers with skills for mentoring and guiding students towards entrepreneurship
  • Support cooperation between higher education institutions and local businesses with the aim of offering more experience in developing entrepreneurial competencies of university students
  • Strengthen cooperation between higher education institutions and local businesses for creative solutions and product development by joint work between students, teachers and local businesses


Project outputs will be strongly practical oriented, offering comprehensive support for long-term impacts on experiential teaching of entrepreneurship.

  • Online entrepreneurship course and digital character. A set of tools, games and activities in order to make lessons more experiential. The whole approach will be built on great user experience. It will include activities for students, description of activities, material needed, recommendations for teachers, user-friendly explanations of theory, as necessary for students.
  • Video-compendium of prototypes of business ideas created by students. The video-compendium will collect all students’ workplace business projects developed. It will present all projects prepared by students in a business environment, showing prototypes developed by students and a short presentation of all involved local companies.

More information on: https://easipcomp.eu/newsletter-n-1