Bio High Tech Net 4.0 (network with legal subjectivity established in February 2020) represents the evolution of the former network of companies Biohightech Net, established in 2015. The network is made up of over 20 companies belonging to the industrial sectors of Biomedical – Biomed, Biotechnology – Biotech, Bioinformatics – Bioict.

The mission of the Network is to create more effective synergies between the innovative companies of the Network with actors dealing with Research, Training and with the Policy Makers of the territory.

The Net has managed to emphasize, in advance, that the Health sector is an important economic driver (the White Economy represents more than 10% of the GDP of a country like Italy) for companies that operate, at local level, in the Biohightech sector. It also presented the great opportunity to target local/regional innovative Biohightech products and services.  Finally, he has associated the brand of the Net with that of Trieste City of Science (ESOF 2020). The presence of more than 10,000 researchers in Trieste has generated a great acceleration (which must be further stimulated) of the growth in the number of innovative startups (although the same is, in terms of population density, still less than an order of magnitude compared to those of other territories such as those of the Eastern Alps).

The new Network 4.0 aims to communicate effectively, through a more structured external communication the presence in the city and on the territory of a large research capacity of the Scientific Institutes and Training, but also and above all of industrial innovation on high technologies for health by the companies of the Network. Not only, therefore, a strategic marketing activity of the territory, but also to focus communication on the industrial realities of the companies of the Network (composed of companies mostly small) as well as research institutions in Trieste. Finally, this communication is addressed to the major administrative and industrial centres both in Italy and in Europe.

The slogan of the new 4.0 Network should be: “We create economic and social well-being with Investment in Innovation in the High Technologies for Health sector”. This slogan will be followed, however, by a specific narrative, according to which economic and social well-being can be achieved in this specific area with limited investment in innovation. There have been in the last 30 years significant preliminary investments by the Italian Government on the city’s research system (300 million per year for more than 30 years). The same investments allowed the city to become the European Science Capital in 2020.